Jessica and her husband/co-pilot TJ have a penchant for adventure and an irreversible case of wanderlust — traits that have led them around the world in search of new experiences. Switzerland and Italy are currently at the top of her favorite destinations, and whether it’s skiing through the Alps or sampling delectable local cuisine, Jessica is constantly filling her tank with a passion for life. When not traveling the world, Jessica believes in supporting local businesses (particularly new restaurants, breweries, and wineries) and commits her spare time to volunteering in animal rescues. Originally trained as a Firefighter/EMT, Jessica is a well-rounded, dependable, and spirited professional who believes in following her dreams and tackling new challenges head on. On top of all of those impressive qualities, Jessica is a lover of history and names time-travel as the superpower she’d most like to embody. “I love history and would love to be able to go back to any location at any time and experience what the world was like then.” Time travel may be out of the realm of everyday possibility, but knowing her strong-willed personality, nothing is beyond question.