Originally from the foothills of North Carolina, Andy grew up on a tobacco farm where he watched his great grandfather prime and cure Virginias as a boy. Naturally, he soon developed a love for pipes and pipe tobacco. After taking up the hobby full-time during his undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill, Andy searched for a way to consolidate his love for pipes and his interests in Marketing. Luckily his search led him across state lines to join us here at Laudisi.

As our Marketing Director, Andy's known for wearing many hats, and also for juggling a variety of responsibilities. In addition to writing newsletters and blogs, he's also responsible for coding up our emails and blogs, as well as researching, testing, and implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies across a variety of platforms. Andy loves Spanish food, and since his return from Spain in 2012, has been tirelessly searching for jamón ibérico. When he’s not writing or coding, he enjoys gardening, tea sipping, coffee gulping, traveling, learning new languages, and watching his beard grow.