Chris left the far northern reaches of New Hampshire shortly after high school for the sunny beaches of Florida (which he refers to as "Vacationland") before traveling back northward to the more temperate climate of South Carolina to be here with us at Laudisi. He's a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, having worked in construction, electronics manufacturing, hospitality, warehousing, and, most recently, sales and customer service. He considers this his dream job and has informed us that, when it comes time for him to retire, we may have to escort him off the premises.

Chris describes himself as a mediocre bass guitarist, an aspiring graffiti artist, and an avid yo-yoer. Though he claims that in his free time he enjoys listening to music, reading anything he can get his hands on, and doing anything at all outdoors, we're pretty sure that he's usually either playing guitar or yo-yoing. He also warned us that conjugating the word yo-yo would be uncomfortable. It is.