Alongside his interest in pipes and cigars, Todd brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, including 15+ years of experience in IT operations and customer support. He studied Computer Information Systems at Strayer University and moved to Little River, South Carolina, in May of 2022 with his wife Amanda and his son Braeden. Originally raised in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, he is a huge Pittsburgh sports fan, a hot-sauce fanatic, a dedicated supporter of the ASPCA and other local SPCAs, and is the proud father of three rescue dogs named Izzy, Stevie, and Kiki.

Outside of work, Todd enjoys riding his Harley Davidson, golfing, spending time with his family on the beach, listening to hard rock, and touring with his wife around the area on his motorcycle in pursuit of adventure. Passionate about self-improvement and culture, he believes in the value of self-reliance and creating your own opportunities. He's kind, determined, and patient, and prefers to tackle obstacles head-on through collaboration and communication.