Though he grew up in North Carolina, Joel moved from Fort Worth, Texas, to join Laudisi Distribution Group in the summer of 2022, managing all LDG sales for the South East. He's a kind, curious, and jovial presence in the office, and his wide variety of interests and knowledge make it easy for Joel to connect with a diverse group of people, whether discussing sports, music, literature, or history. When not at work assisting brick-and-mortar shops with Savinelli, Peterson, and Rossi pipe orders and Cornell & Diehl tobacco restocks, Joel enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and twin sons. Alongside pipes, he also boasts an impressive collection of guitars, including a Martin 000 and 12-string dreadnought and a Guild eight-string baritone, and his taste in music is equally expansive: appreciating everything from Bach to classic and progressive rock. A longtime football fan, Joel consistently cheers on the Carolina Panthers — hoping one day to witness them win a Super Bowl — while also following Formula 1 racing and MLB baseball.