Outdoor enthusiast, animal lover, and amateur seashell hunter extraordinaire — Meredith (or Mere as she is often called) feels most at home while in nature. It’s a perspective that has cultivated her deep passion for marine and wildlife conservation, with a particular interest in saving sea turtles. Inspired by her mother, who instilled self-confidence, kindness, and honesty in her daughter, Mere channels those values into her own family and strives everyday to create a better life for those she loves. She treasures time spent with her husband of over three decades and her two children (now grown), as well as her impressive stable of pets which includes a dog, a spoiled cat, an 18-year-old turtle, and a Gecko named Gregg. When not enjoying the outdoors or spending time with her family, Mere enjoys perusing local yard sales and refurbishing the old furniture that she reclaims.