Hailing from Clayton, Delaware, Eric joined Laudisi in pursuit of learning more about our intriguing industry and to dip into a new trade. His background in customer service has prepared him to work as a team player, be adaptable, and utilize interpersonal skills to deliver not just world-class support, but build lasting connections both with customers and coworkers alike. His creativity is defined by not just thinking outside of the box but also brainstorming innovative ideas to push boundaries and lift up those around him.

Prior to arriving here at Laudisi, Eric trained racehorses for shows. When he isn’t working, Eric finds joy in life at slower moments like relaxing at the beach, watching the Crimson Tide on the field, and going on trail rides on horseback. Eric carries an energetic, compassionate, and outgoing soul infused with wanderlust but he finds himself particularly drawn to Conzumel, Mexico. Though he’s been there only twice, he’s fallen in love with its crystal blue waters, tropical weather, and delectable food and drinks.