If gaining the ability to fly like a bird is out of the question, then Jen has discovered the next best thing behind the handlebars of her Harley Davidson. In fact, motorcycling is a passion that has allowed her to see our vast country on two wheels, having traveled to a whopping 48 states via the open road with her partner Randy. Originally from Lancaster, PA, Jen started as a Blending Associate and is now our Production Supervisor at C&D.

She is an intrepid adventurer who enjoys the RV lifestyle, pursuing life with a spirit of courage, and proactively challenging herself to face her fears. When not chasing her love for the open road or giving her all to her professional goals, Jen can most likely be found spending time with her Pitbull rescue, Tobias, or enjoying her favorite rock-n-roll and blues artists. Jen now lives in the warm and snow-free environment of South Carolina, where she has happily retired her snow shovel.