Matt is originally from Baltimore, Md., now living here in S.C. after taking a leap of faith and moving his life down south with his lovely girlfriend, Kellie, and a Cane Corso dog mix, Lucille, who is, despite her 95-lb size, indeed a sweet lap dog. His move was prompted by his desire to move closer to family, and when he visited with Kellie in 2022, he knew it was a great decision to move here. Laudisi’s company culture impressed him as he learned more and more about it, and he is grateful that he was able to start his new life so quickly upon moving here as a Shipping Associate. He brings a dedicated work ethic, attention to detail, a strong desire to support those with clear goals, and a willingness to get his hands dirty to achieve them, among other key skills. He is a Niagara University alum, where he studied Philosophy and Writing Studies. While at school, he was involved in rugby, where his team went on to win the 2013 state championship. Then, as coach of the women’s rugby team, they won again in the 2018 state championship.

Outside of working hours, Matt enjoys running, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and hanging out with his girlfriend and dog. His favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens, and he loves to travel back home to Baltimore to visit his father and younger brothers and to be in the area where he grew up. An interesting fact about him is that he was born in Scotland, where his parents met in the U.S. Navy. His grandfather, who was a juvenile court judge in Baltimore for most of his life, is Matt’s hero due to his values of being fair and impartial. Describing himself as calm, respectful, and helpful, he lives by the value of respecting others, especially when it comes to making people feel comfortable around him. He also believes that everyone’s lived experience has value, and that it’s worth it to consider the perspectives and beliefs of others.