Vatashia, originally from Jamaica, comes from, as she calls them, “a crazy family who loves hard.” Their close-knit connection is of the utmost importance to her. She loves to spend time with them and chill at the beach as the sea breeze washes over her, especially the beaches back home. Tenacious, vivacious, and persistent, she treats others the way she wants to be treated, always striving to adapt and grow her skills, leading her here. She attended the University of Technology in Jamaica and studied Accounting and Administrative & Information System Management. Although she’s faced a multitude of challenges in her life, she believes that without those challenges, she would not be working here. She’s taken a lot of risks in her life, and based on her beliefs in a higher being, she believes He has kept her safe.

Some of her favorite activities to do outside of work include reading, writing poetry, debating, playing video games (even if she’s not always the best at them), and listening to music genres like R&B, Country, Reggae, and Dance Hall. A cause that recently caught her attention and that she is passionate about is the vast number of elderly people whose families abandon them; she hopes she can figure out a way to help care for them and make a difference. She identifies her mom as her hero because she paved the way of who Vatashia is and who she wants to become, admiring her strength and weaknesses, making her weaknesses her strength. If she could have any superpower, she would choose to help others recognize their worth and to love themselves.