Originally from Poland, Anna immigrated to the States (NYC) with her parents when she was 13. After graduating high school, she attended Fordham University in Manhattan, where she studied Visual Arts and spent most of her free time immersed in NYC's art museums and culture. While she enjoyed her time in the city, Anna soon longed to escape the hustle of the concrete jungle and decided to move to Pennsylvania, buying a house near her parents in the Poconos, whose dense forest and blue lakes reminded her of Poland. There she worked for various printers and ad agencies, and eventually started her own design firm alongside her husband.

In 2020, however, stuck at home through the cold, rainy days of early spring, Anna and her family decided they needed to move somewhere they actually wanted to be, which, for Anna, meant the sun and the beach. That place turned out to be South Carolina, where she found her way to us here at Laudisi.

As our Graphic Designer, Anna applies her training and experience to creating myriad assets for both print and web, as well as helping educate the team on best practices. Her appreciation for user experience and strong art background continue to elevate our design standards, and her honesty and initiative make her a genuine pleasure to work with. We think she's brilliant, though she's far too modest to admit it (well... most of the time).

When she's not designing web ads and labels, or working with our copy team on a new catalog, Anna enjoys exploring her creativity outside of work through painting and drawing, particularly with charcoal or ink. She's also a self-described "CrossFit Junkie," having participated in multiple team competitions. Of course, mental fortitude is just as important, and as an avid reader, Anna begins each day with a chapter, which she says helps ground her thoughts for the day ahead. Anna looks forward to settling into her new home, together with her husband and their four lovely children.