David joins our team by way of Baltimore, MD where he grew up and lived through his college years. A graduate of The University of Maryland, David spent his formative years playing lacrosse (like any good Marylander), skateboarding, and developing a deep appreciation for punk rock and independent music.

David holds a new role for Laudisi as Marketing Writer & Strategist, and his focus is on content creation, special projects, and assisting with our overall customer-centric approach to Marketing. In his professional life, David spent many years developing his skills in areas that mean a lot to us: Marketing and Pipes and Cigars. After spending 17 years working for Creative Agencies and in Corporate Marketing, David took a pleasant detour by jumping headlong into the tobacco industry. Prior to joining Laudisi, he managed a busy brick-and-mortar tobacco lounge in Annapolis, MD where he shared his passion with other enthusiasts in a face-to-face setting.

These days, David lives with his girlfriend in Wilmington, NC. A father of 2 amazing kids, David bleeds Liverpool Red (You'll Never Walk Alone!) and enjoys playing tennis. He's a lover of documentaries, a reader of historical fiction, and a proud dad dog to his pitbull, George.