A self-professed “lover of all things nerdy,” Veronika enjoys reading books and learning about the paranormal and has a soft-spot for everything to do with Godzilla. Unsurprisingly, she considers the gift of flight to be the ultimate superpower — but more in the style of Marvel character Jean Grey than of Superman. It’s an important distinction. A gifted photographer, writer, and marketer, Veronika brings her formidable skills to bear in accomplishing her personal and professional goals. “I always make a plan: create goals from smaller, easily obtainable ones, in pursuit of larger ones that are a part of a bigger picture.” And while pragmatic and goal-oriented, she is pleasantly idealistic and hopeful and believes that humanity possesses everything within it to solve our world’s problems. Originally from Sarasota, FL, Veronika has lived in South Carolina for over a decade where she loves to spend time with her son and her two slightly spoiled cats.