Ben is originally from Santa Rosa, California. He has a black lab mix named Nala, and although she might not be the brightest, she’s certainly the cutest. He also has an English Bulldog puppy named Beau who is equally as bright as he is cute. A University of Denver graduate, he was searching for a job that encompassed his passions, one of which is a passion for pipes and cigars that he adopted from his grandpa, as well as a place to utilize his skills; he believes Laudisi is the place to do both. He continues the hobby of pipe smoking in his grandpa’s memory as a way to stay connected to him. Bringing a strong work ethic, the ability to connect with people, superb writing skills, as well as characteristics like tenacity and authenticity, he is prepared to do great work here. He lives by the value of empathy, treating others with kindness, and following lessons his hero, his father, taught him by striving to make the world a better place and taking pride in himself and in his work.

Ben is very passionate about the ongoing pursuit of civil rights. He donates money to nonprofits every year and joins in webinars to stay up-to-date on current events. He plans to join the board of local nonprofits to create positive changes. His favorite team is the Cleveland Browns, favorite book is Fahrenheit 451 (or anything by Ray Bradbury), and his favorite movie is Gladiator. He enjoys exploring the local food scene as a self-proclaimed foodie, catching up with TV shows with Nala, and traveling. Kind and compassionate, Ben joins the team with a plethora of experiences under his belt.