Hailing from Horry County, S.C., Jasper came to Laudisi with the desire for a job that brought him a sense of accomplishment, as well as a schedule that permitted an excellent work/life balance. He has one brother and numerous pets, and lives by the value of integrity, carrying the lessons he’s learned along the way from prior experiences into this new opportunity at Laudisi. A piece of wisdom that came from his long passed great-uncle has stuck with him: “When you hear something you don’t like, always consider the source before taking action … Words that come from nothing are nothing.” He takes this message to heart, living by his great-uncle’s example of maturity and composure. His creative spirit is best represented through his desire to get back to the basics; utilizing older, simpler ways of doing things, with old tools that still get the job done.

When he isn’t at work, he enjoys equestrian activities, gardening, tinkering, visiting friends and family, and sitting with a good book and a packed pipe. If he had one superpower, he would love to travel through time as an unseen observer. His favorite place to travel is through the Great Smoky Mountains, because, in his own words, “They make his heart sing.” Describing himself as quiet, determined, and a mess, Jasper’s heart and sense of humor lead him in his work and life.