Originally from Wilson, N.Y., Monika moved to N.C. in 2021 to be near the beach, have more sunshine, and live in a milder climate than she experienced while living on the shore of Lake Ontario in Western N.Y.. She and her husband Michael have four kids: Brooke, Jacob, Johanna, and Charli, and her other kids (pets) are Seven, who is a Rottweiler, and Ozlo, a mutt rescue. She joined Laudisi in search of fulfilling a desire to utilize her diverse skill set in a different line of work. With a plethora of soft and hard skills that have readied her for this role, she is motivated to work for a company that is passionate about a mission to build something great and one that is dedicated to the employees who support that mission. She has earned multiple degrees, which she attained from the Art/Fashion Institute of Fort Lauderdale (Applied Science in Retail Management and Marketing), Niagara University (Bachelor of Arts in Education), and Buffalo State University (Masters in Education). She even earned her Real Estate license just because of her curiosity about the whole process.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys camping, hanging out with family and friends, loves to travel to Europe to visit her mom’s side of the family in Germany and Austria, and is happiest while reading, going to the beach with her kids, and thrifting at local shops. Some of her favorites include the Buffalo Bills, any book by Jane Austen, Historical Dramas (Fun Fact: She’s a descendant of someone who fought in the American Revolution), and any kind of music, from ’50s oldies to modern rap and country. Describing herself as loyal, dedicated, and personable, Monika lives by the value of honesty. When conquering an obstacle or working toward a goal, she focuses on her end goal and talks herself through her fears of what might be holding her back, and reorients her thinking to be positive that she can achieve a goal; this mindset is only one aspect of the breadth of skills she brings to Laudisi.