Lukus’ passion for pipes, tobacco, and cigars has led to his career here at Laudisi Enterprises as a Pipe Specialist. He has been an active member of the pipe community on Instagram, where he has garnered a large following, and has been a long-time pipe collector. Originally from Fairmont, West Virginia, he and his wife Rachel have been married for 13 years. He has a son named Judah and a pet bearded dragon. He values living life like it’s almost over, using this mentality to drive his goals and passions and keep working toward them while also enjoying his life in the present. As for advice: “Don’t take criticism from anyone you can’t respect.”

Beyond his work here, Lukus is a seasoned chef. He owned and operated one of the best-rated and most popular food trucks in Knoxville, Tennessee. His experiences in the kitchen have given him helpful working skills, including adaptability in new situations, critical thinking, problem-solving in several areas, and positively engaging with customers. He gained an appreciation and passion for sustainability in the culinary world, which stays with him today. Some fun facts about him include that he is a weightlifter, competing in Strongman and other powerlifting events. He is an avid chess player, enjoys sci-fi and fantasy movies, and has a taste in music his wife best describes as “screaming and banjos.” Now that he lives on the coast, he aspires to be a beach bum.