Raised in the corn fields of Indiana, Truett studied Linguistics at Gordon College, just north of Boston, before moving to northern Spain. After a year of playing soccer and enjoying the cuisine, language, beaches, and mountains of the Basque region, he decided it was finally time to get on with his life, leading him to Laudisi. An avid pipe smoker and patron of Smokingpipes, Truett joined the Merchandizing team at Laudisi in Spring 2018 and now serves as Lead Copywriter, working alongside the Editor to help manage all writing projects for Smokingpipes. Along with collecting pipes, Truett enjoys playing soccer and following the English Premier League (Glory Glory Man United), solving crossword puzzles, practicing guitar and chess, reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, spending time outdoors, and watching movies. It has also been said that BBQ is his love language, rivaled only by a love for east Asian cuisine.