Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, James is a self-proclaimed loner — and a rebel — coming to Laudisi in search of new and exciting challenges. An Auburn University alum, he studied Mechanical Engineering, and his prior experience, both in retail and as a former sales representative for Ashton Cigars, has prepared him for great work here at Laudisi. He is passionate about providing the highest-quality tobacco at the best prices possible, and is dedicated to increasing Smokingpipes' market share in the premium cigar arena, a truly noble pursuit.

A vinyl records and watch collector, he supports the arts and music in schools along with the Big Brother/Sister programs. An avid New York Mets and Charlotte Hornets fan, he enjoys '80s horror movies, any music (other than country), and laying down for a snooze when he's not at work. Adding to his talents, he is a retired classically trained French chef — a delectable skill to have — and never ceases to lighten the mood with his sarcastic wit, hilarious personality, and optimistic attitude.