Born near a dog track somewhere in Florida, Davin quickly relocated to Myrtle Beach: the home he still haunts to this very day. As a constant overachiever, immediately after graduating college in 2018, Davin set about looking for a job to utilize his English degree and follow his writing passion. He did not immediately succeed. Finally, in 2021, after years of searching, he stumbled across a hiring inquiry for a copywriting position at Smokingpipes, and we welcomed him to Laudisi with open arms.

When not constantly overwhelmed by an ever-growing to-read pile, materializing precariously on nearly every empty surface in his home, he enjoys watching films, exploring hole-in-the-wall dives, and simply passing time. He has a cat to help him with that last part. As for any hidden talents, when pushed, he merely puts up his hands and whispers, "Those are hidden for a reason." It's safe to say he probably doesn't have any. As for any bucket list goals that may be on the horizon for him, Davin seems completely stumped at the idea: "Maybe take up the drums. I didn't make it this far by planning ahead."