Originally from Greenville, South Carolina, Faith is eager to work at a company that values her growth and professional development. With key skills in multitasking, packing, and communication, she is an excellent fit as a Packaging Associate in Manufacturing at Cornell & Diehl. Describing herself as enthusiastic, calm, and observant, she is driven to achieve her goals by going above and beyond in all that she does. She always strives to treat people with kindness and is inspired by the creativity that can be found in daily life: “Life is artistic.”

Outside of work, some of Faith’s favorites include the Seattle Seahawks, the Maze Runner book series, horror movies (especially A24 films), and indie rock music. If we held an office talent show, she’d wow everyone with her ability to sleep anywhere. She admires her parents and Bob Ross, and loves to read, play video games, and snooze on the weekends. Her favorite place to travel is to the mountains, having fond memories from her childhood of the way she would relish the vacations she’d take with her family, smelling the fresh, clear air. She also cannot live without potatoes … who could?