If Lisa could possess one superpower, it would be to inspire those who are struggling to cultivate confidence and self-belief in their lives. It’s a pretty selfless wish considering all of the audacious possibilities. This proclivity for empathy and service defines Lisa’s worldview. She is kind, compassionate, and honest and credits her sister-in-law and real-life superhero, Roxanne, as the person who has helped her grow into the intrepid woman she is today. A transplant from Florida, Lisa loves to explore and experience the beauty of South Carolina and can often be found happily browsing its many antique shops. Above all else, Lisa is a doting mother of three wonderful adult children and a precious Miniature-Yorkie fur-baby named Gracie. Outgoing, brimming with positivity, and always willing to lend a helping hand, Lisa is the embodiment of a true Laudisian.