Joining Laudisi in the fall of 2022, Caleb moved to the Grand Strand after growing up on the west coast, and as a Blending Associate for Cornell & Diehl, he's directly involved in creating all of C&D's premium pipe tobaccos — from sorting raw leaf to operating the factory's vintage equipment. He brings with him a dedicated, all-in attitude, always investing 100% and embodying a deep desire to learn and share that knowledge with others. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, as well as reading ancient scripture, watching UFC and rugby, and listening to records, having amassed an extensive collection from more than 25 years as a DJ. He's also an experienced chef, with a 20-year career in that industry. Having lived overseas in a number of places, he has a fondness for other cultures and a diverse worldview, though he hopes one day to visit Scotland and tour distilleries, fulfilling his love for Scotch.