Joel was raised as one of nine children in a very unconventional nomadic lifestyle. As a young adult, he embarked on a decade-long adventure as an Army Special Forces Green Beret before turning to more scholarly pursuits. He decided to pursue his lifelong passion for writing, and in a moment of clarity that his last name was unpronounceable, adopted the pen name Joel Cutter. He wrote the first of his three novels while earning an undergraduate degree in Multidisciplinary Studies at Grantham University. In 2020 he started a Master’s of Fine Arts program at Full Sail University and continued to diversify by writing screenplays. He joined the Laudisi team as a copywriter in early 2021, eager to apply his love of words and interesting things to the nuance of describing exquisitely crafted pipes. Joel recently moved to the Myrtle Beach area with his wife and the youngest three of his eight children and has no intention of ever leaving. He enjoys obsessing about an array of hobbies, including sailing and custom drone building, is an avid reader, and is a member of the Myrtle Beach Mustang Club. He is fascinated by the variability of human behavior and is always thinking about what book he wants to write next.