The story of Joe's meandering career path started in New York and has taken him places far and wide. He has primarily worked in the software industry in various roles over the years, which have all contributed to his unique approach to marketing. After one too many foggy August days bundled up in San Francisco, he started to feel the relaxing pull of the South Carolina coast. So he and his wife packed up the truck and moved back home to Murrells Inlet, SC. Joe will bring his unique flair for marketing to, where he leads a team far more talented than himself.

Joe is on an eternal quest for serenity in all things, so naturally he found his way to pipes and cigars. He's still getting used to the fact that he can now spark up a bowl in the middle of a meeting and not cause a ruckus, although we're still trying to get him to stop playing his damn guitar at the same time. His wife and friends have all told us to just consider ourselves lucky that he isn't singing.