Hadassah Hallman was born in Panama and raised in both South Carolina and Texas. She comes from a background in hospitality & tourism, experience which she puts to good use as our Retail Store Manager. Having recently moved from our Merchandizing team, Hadassah is now responsible for the day-to-day management of our brick & mortar store, Low Country Pipe & Cigar. From chatting with customers about their favorite smokes and recommending cigars, pipes, and pipe tobacco, to organizing and hosting events for everyone to enjoy down at the shop, she's already done much to cultivate the local pipe and cigar smoking community with contagious enthusiasm, excellent product knowledge, and unwavering passion.

Hadassah is also currently pursuing her degree in the Paralegal field. She has a brilliant daughter and a charming son, and both are just as quirky as their proud mother. Hadassah enjoys reading in the shower, binge bargain-shopping, comedies with happy endings, and horror movies that actually frighten her. Her favorite author is Stephen King, and her favorite girl band is the Spice Girls. Hadassah is also known as HaHa to her friends, and can be easily identified by her gorgeous, warming smile and readily remembered for her caring, cool, and cheerful personality.