As Assistant Shipping Manager, Kyler is dedicated to seeing that your packages arrive as quickly and safely as possible. He comes to us from his last job at Ripley’s Aquarium, where he oversaw Quarantine and Jellyfish. That’s two separate departments. Quarantine was for new marine animals that needed to be tested for good health, bacterial infection, etc., and kept apart from the general population for 45 days to a year. As for jellyfish, he can speak extensively. He not only set up the complete exhibit, but arranged for jellyfish from around the world to be part of it. We don’t know how close his relationships with jellyfish became. Maybe he lived in the tanks with them, maybe he carried a couple in his pocket. We didn’t ask. But we figured if he can handle highly fragile and deadly creatures such as jellyfish, he has what it takes to safely oversee our clients’ valuable shipments.