Chana's been a part of the Laudisi family since March of 2015, when she made the trek from Australia to meet her husband Adam here in the states. After a year of nagging, we finally got her to join the team full-time as one of our Shipping and Receiving Associates. More recently, she's made the move to our Merchandising team, where she physically handles a large portion of every pipe that comes in, being one of the few responsible for measuring and weighing out the pipes we sell so we can pass along to customers valuable information about them. Chana is an extremely loyal and wonderful person, but push her too far, and she might just give you a "light stabbing." She's worked for 10 years in Public Relations, Event Management, and Marketing, is currently pursuing a degree in psychology, and has a strong background in photography — her work was even featured in an exhibition back home. Given her experience, she's our jack of all trades here at Laudisi. Whether it's assisting Cyndy with our updates, meticulously performing quality control assessments, helping Marketing with various tasks, or simply making us all laugh with her sharp wit and dark sense of humor, she's an invaluable member of the Laudisi family. When she's not at work, you can find her creating intricate dot-work drawings, cooking up fantastic turkey burgers, playing board games, and reading pretty much anything she can get her hands on.